Automotive Security

Today's vehicular systems comprise complex and distributed structures and encompass in some cases more than 70 Electronic Control Units (ECUs). In the near future the number of electronic components will further increase and more and more vehicular functions will be implemented in hard- and software. However, for this reason the threat potential for those systems increases significantly. In order to make use of the IT penetration for OEMs, suppliers, repair shops, service providers etc., the security of the deployed technologies is an indispensable requirement.


Fraunhofer AISEC supports OEMs, suppliers, device manufacturers and system integrators in development, implementation and integration of secure vehicular functions, applications and value-added services, and thus assists enabling innovative products by the approach »Safety by Security«.

Fraunhofer AISEC has competencies in a widely spread spectrum securing both internal and external vehicular communication by using automotive suitable security mechanisms and protocols, which are qualified for the long product life cycles in the automotive industry. We advise and provide solutions for secure function enabling, secure linking up with backend services, and also for protection of Internet attacks or other potential attacks (e.g., chip tuning). In the field of in-vehicle systems, Fraunhofer AISEC develops security mechanisms which in particular increase the safety of vehicular components. Additionally, we develop and implement concepts which enable the secure integration of those vehicular components in existing or new automotive systems.

Skills and services at a glance

  • Development of secure Car-to-X (C2X) Systems
  • Development of secure In-Vehicle Systems
  • Design of secure vehicular components as well as their secure integration into vehicular systems
  • Protection of production infrastructures and processes