Blockchain for Education

Blockchain for Education - Life Long Learning Passport

With digitization finding its way into the field of life-long learning, learners retrieve education certificates from various issuers such as online courses, academic institutions, and authorities for professional certifications. A consistent management and the tamper-proof long-term archiving of such certificates are a major challenge for both learner and certification authorities.

In the project "Blockchain for Education", Fraunhofer AISEC develops a blockchain based platform for decentralized management of digital certificates. The platform provides counterfeit protection and long-term storage, as well as a certificate management lifecycle according to the needs of learners, companies, education institutions and certification authorities. The privacy of learners is protected and the correct and tamper-proof allocation of certificates to learners is ensured.

Besides attesting the validity of certificates issued by verified certification authorities, the platform also allows learners to self-manage additional documents such as simple certificates of participations for online courses.

Smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain manage the identities of certification authorities and issuers to allow the verification and credibility of each certificate at any time.


Examples for use cases:

  • Application processes: an applicant shares selected certificates with a potential employer; the employer can instantly verify the authenticity of these certificates.
  • Deduced qualifications: a learner has passed consecutive courses successfully. The platform infers automatically the resulting qualification.
  • Certificates that confirm a certain professional practice: certificates are presented on the Web and potential customers can very their authenticity.

We implement an open platform that can be extended by further partners such as certificate authorities or education institutes.  

Project Partners and Users

Project Partners

  • Fraunhofer FIT (coordinator, Blockchain platform)
  • Fraunhofer AISEC (Security, Identity Management & smart contract design)



  • Fraunhofer IFAM (user)
  • Fraunhofer Personenzertifizierungsstelle (user)
  • TÜV Rheinland (use case partner)