Fields of Expertise - Overview

The competence field of Fraunhofer AISEC ranges from the integrated security of embedded systems and hardware components to operating systems, applications (apps) and cloud-based services to solutions for secure software and system development and the use of machine learning techniques for cyber security. In doing so, the scientists draw on comprehensive know-how across the entire spectrum of the technology stack and deal intensively with the security of industrial plants and automotive systems and the challenges of a wide range of industries such as the energy sector or the public sector.

Collaboration opportunities with Fraunhofer AISEC include:

  • Industrial contract research and technology development according to the latest and vendor-neutral expertise across all levels: from hardware and embedded software systems to networking technologies, services, and applications 
  • Proofs of Concept: Feasibility studies for the development and evaluation of innovative IT security solutions 
  • Technical security analyses, risk assessments and security tests to uncover vulnerabilities and attack possibilities as well as development of protection concepts to secure systems, products, and data
  • Consulting in the development of IT security concepts as well as monitoring and support in their implementation and testing
  • Studies on current issues and topics with social or macroeconomic relevance
  • Application-oriented IT security training in the cybersecurity learning lab – practice-oriented and at the cutting edge of research
  • Cooperation within the framework of publicly funded innovation projects

Our research departments are continuously improving system reliability through high-quality, innovative and customized solutions to evaluate, design and maintain security.

Fields of Research

Cognitive Security Technologies

The department Cognitive Security Technologies advances research at the interface between artificial intelligence (AI) and IT security.


Hardware Security


The focus of the department Hardware Security is on securing and integrating microcontrollers and secure elements, as well as on the secure use of system-on-chips.

Product Protection and Industrial Security

The Product Protection and Industrial Security department develops security solutions and new methods for securing electronic devices and corporate assets.

Service & Application Security

The department Service and Application Security is significantly involved in the security and data protection of distributed applications as well as secure data transfer.

Secure Operating Systems

The research department Secure Operating Systems at Fraunhofer AISEC deals with topics related to the security of hardware-related software.

Secure Software Engineering

The research department Secure Systems Engineering supports customers in the implementation of secure and usable IT systems for the development of digital systems.

Secure Infrastructure

The Secure Infrastructure research group at Fraunhofer AISEC conducts research on applied cryptography and the impact of artificial intelligence on secure infrastructures.