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At Fraunhofer AISEC, the main focus of our applied research is the development of application-oriented security solutions and their custom integration in existing systems. The core competences of our approximately 100 highly qualified scientific and technical employees lie in the areas of hardware security and the security of embedded systems, product and intellectual property protection, network security, and security in cloud- and service-oriented computing.

Our clients operate in a variety of industrial sectors, such as the chip card industry, telecommunications, the automotive industry, and mechanical engineering, as well as the software and healthcare industries. Our goal is to support and improve the competitiveness of our clients and partners in the manufacturing and service sectors as well as those in the public sector.

Strategic partnerships with globally operating industrial companies as well as with international universities, in particular the University of Excellence TU Munich, guarantee the scientific excellence of our work and its market-driven implementation.

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Fraunhofer AISEC supports companies in operating their infrastructures, production facilities, business processes and distribution networks securely and reliably. There are various ways to collaborate with Fraunhofer AISEC.



Further Education

Cybersecurity Training Lab

Fraunhofer AISEC offers training courses with a focus on embedded systems, mobile security, IoT and other topics as part of the Cybersecurity Learning Lab.   



Annual report 2022


Find out how Fraunhofer AISEC 2022 has played a role in increasing IT security for companies and the public sector and staying one step ahead of attackers in the annual report »Innovating with Security«. 


Research Departments

Fields of Expertise


Our research departments are continuously working to increase system reliability through high-quality, innovative, and customized solutions to evaluate, design and maintain security.


Competence Center for Post-Quantum Cryptography

As a competence center for post-quantum cryptography (PQC), we support businesses and public institutions in migrating to quantum-resistant cryptographic processes. To this end, we offer comprehensive information, customized consulting and support in upgrading to quantum-safe architecture designs as well as security analyses of PQC implementations.

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Fraunhofer CCIT: Optimized data processing from sensor to cloud

Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies CCIT

A continuous data space from the edge to the cloud

Competitive digitalization applications, agile production processes and compelling new business models require a cognitive, industrial internet. Both decentralized edge computing and centralized cloud computing are seamlessly integrated into the edge-cloud continuum. As such, data in digitalized industrial processes is processed where it makes the most sense in terms of efficiency and economic viability.

Partner in the digital transformation

As part of the Fraunhofer CCIT, Fraunhofer AISEC researches and develops implementable technology solutions in the field of edge-cloud continuum. The advantages of edge and cloud computing are combined to create a continuous data space in which computing power is automatically and dynamically shifted as needed, depending on the volume of data and latency requirements.

"With the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies CCIT, Fraunhofer supports businesses throughout the entire digital transformation process and works with them to develop custom-fit cognitive solutions. The support ranges from analysis and planning of a future-proof corporate strategy to agile technology development and testing in the numerous innovation and application centers of the Fraunhofer CCIT," says Prof.  Claudia Eckert, managing director of Fraunhofer AISEC and spokesperson of the Fraunhofer CCIT board of directors.

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