Charlie and the Quantum Factory

Quantastic serious game

How are quantum computers different from conventional computers? What are QuBits? What is superposition? Which temperature is needed for quantum computer chips to work?

All this and much more is conveyed in entertaining puzzles and mini-games from the world of quantum computing in the web-based serious game "Charlie and the Quantum Factory" of the Cybersecurity Training Lab

The journey through the virtual quantum lab takes about 30 minutes. In the role of researcher Charlie, you follow the trail of your own memory to learn about the basic concepts and functions of quantum computers and make friends with robots and cats. 

The serious game is a playful introduction to a rather complex technology. Quantum computers are set to become the next supercomputers. In some areas, they are expected to be considerably more powerful and faster than conventional computers. This may sound excellent, but their rapid development also harbors risks from cyberattacks. Today, researchers at Fraunhofer AISEC are working on solutions to ensure IT security for when quantum computers are around.

In addition to serious games, the Cybersecurity Training Lab also provides customized training and individual education plans in various formats (web-based training or online or face-to-face training) for businesses - for novices and experts alike.

Game trailer »Charlie and the Quantum Factory«

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